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ndjson-env - Loads environment from ndjson files, selected by jq ._name

July 24, 2019 — Matt Forrester


I have a tool called pgpass-env that, given a suitably commented PostgreSQL ~/.pgpass file will allow you to easily set the environmental variables for software that doesn't support reading from that format.

Thinking about this problem, it seems to be a general problem:

  • Given a file, which somehow has a list of sets of values of environmental variables you may want to apply.
  • And a way to identify which values you wish to apply.
  • Apply those environmental variables.

This is what this software does.


The environmental variables are stored in any file as NDJSON. For example a file that sets up environmental variables for the JDK might look something like this:

{"_name": "JDK18", "JAVA_HOME": "/use/local/j2sdk-1.8"}
{"_name": "JDK111", "JAVA_HOME": "/use/local/j2sdk-1.11", "CLASSPATH": "/somewhere/else"}

This could might be stored in ~/.jdk-env-vars, if it were you could apply the JDK111 environmental variables using the following:

. ndjson-env -f ~/.jdk-env-vars JDK111

Once you've ran this the JAVA_HOME and CLASSPATH environmental variables will be set up. NOTE: The . before the command is important, it pulls the environmental variables defined in the script into your current environment.


  ndjson-env - Loads environment from ndjson files, selected by `jq ._name`

  ndjson-env -f FILE [NAME_OF_ENV_SET]

  -f    The file to load environment sets from
  -h    Get (this) help

  NAME_OF_ENV_SET    The name of the environment to list (will list all if not specified)


Installation is simple with BASH:

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin && cp ./ndjson-env ~/.local/bin/ndjson-env && chmod +x ~/.local/bin/ndjson-env

You can find this project at GitHub. Tags: postgresql, unix, linux, environmental variables