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July 05, 2019 — Matt Forrester

Quick JDBC queries respecting UNIX conventions (environmental variables, STDIN, STDOUT etc)


  1. Install the Java SDK, preferably avoiding Oracle.
  2. Install Leiningen.
  3. Check this project out and cd into it (git clone && cd jdbc-pipe)
  4. Run lein uberjar.
  5. Create the destination directories in to ~/.local/bin mkdir -p ~/.local/bin/jdbc-pipe-jars
  6. Copy the JAR's and the bash script cp target/uberjar/jdbc-pipe-*-standalone.jar ~/.local/bin/jdbc-pipe-jars/ && cp ./bin/jdbc-pipe ~/.local/bin
  7. SLF4J which is in libraries this code uses is slightly noisy, might want to dig out slf4j-nop-?.?.??.jar from and drop it ~/.local/bin/jdbc-pipe-jars/ too.
  8. You may also want to put your chosen JDBC drivers in the ~/.local/bin/jdbc-pipe-jars/.


echo 'SELECT * FROM "@user".table_name limit 50' | java -cp "$PWD/target/uberjar/*" jdbc_pipe.core  csv -u username -p password -c "jdbc:url" -d "" -s "sub-protocol"


 jdbc-pipe - Quick JDBC queries respecting UNIX conventions (environmental variables, STDIN, ST
DOUT etc)

 jdbc-pipe [global-options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   ndjson               Runs a query outputting JSON
   edn                  Runs a query outputting EDN
   csv                  Runs a query outputting csv
   tsv                  Runs a query outputting tsv

       --classname S    JDBC Driver Class [$JDBC_PIPE_CLASSNAME]
       --subprotocol S  JDBC Sub Protocol / Vendor [$JDBC_PIPE_SUBPROTOCOL]
       --subname S      JDBC Sub Name / Database Name [$JDBC_PIPE_SUBNAME]
   -u, --user S         JDBC User [$JDBC_PIPE_USER]
   -p, --password S     JDBC Password [$JDBC_PIPE_PASSWORD]
       --name S         JDBC Name [$JDBC_PIPE_NAME]
       --host S         JDBC Host [$JDBC_PIPE_HOST]
       --port S         JDBC Port [$JDBC_PIPE_PORT]
       --vendor S       JDBC Vendor [$JDBC_PIPE_VENDOR]
       --schema S       JDBC Schema [$JDBC_PIPE_SCHEMA]
       --read-only S    JDBC Read Only [$JDBC_PIPE_READ_ONLY]
   -r, --uri S          JDBC URI or Connection String [$JDBC_PIPE_URI]
   -?, --help

You can find this project at GitHub. Tags: postgresql, unix, linux