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LNUG Talks

April 30, 2016 — Matt Forrester

I recently did a talk at LNUG about GraphViz and how using diagrams can really help you explain your ideas to other people. I know it is cliched but pictures (diagrams) really do say a thousand words.

LNUG stands for London Node User Group and as such mostly everything covered was Javascript related. There was the cross compilation of GraphViz by mdaines as well as my abstraction on top of this in DB DiaYAML. Outside of these two projects which have the purpose of drawing diagrams I covered briefly two other projects I have created. These are SyncIt, where GraphViz was used to draw diagrams during unit tests to ease debugging and NWQ which is a library for creating worker queues which can be used with a visualization module to see data flowing through it in real time.

This was my second LNUG talk, my first talk is available here.