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Merged Into Quramy/tsuquyomi

September 02, 2015 — Matt Forrester

In general when I am developing I tend to have unit test results on the right with my code on the left as apposed to having two files open. This means I tend to use C-^ keystroke a lot, which is jump back to last buffer in VIM.

The last few days I have been investigating TypeScript following Tim Perry's LNUG talk but I found that the Quramy/tsuquyomi VIM plugin overrides the C-^ keyboard mapping... which is pretty painful for me.

So I submitted a GitHub pull request to add an option to disable all key mappings. The feature its elf which is now unbound for me looks really useful, as do the other bindings so I will probably map them later on to different keys if TypeScript goes from a brief investigation into something I end up using long term...