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Airport Drinks

February 24, 2014 — Matt Forrester

Gatwick Airport

Today I am flying to Dublin for 7 days so I can continue my work with CityHook / Indigo and I am currently in the airport passed security... Of course they confiscate all drinks from you... so where to get a drink?

I found that you can get bottled water from "London News Company" (WHSmith) for £2+ if I feel the urge to get completely ripped off. I also found a small orange juice with your McDonalds for £3.40, at least when comparing it to WHSmith it makes the breakfast seem pretty cheap. I am not actually that hungry however...

I was thinking that I could probably one of those cooler things that coffee shops such as Starbucks do and there is a PRET so I went to look in there... no coolers but I did find PRET spring water for 99p, still expensive but at least I don't feel completely ripped off!

Other Airports

I have found other cheap airport things such as ice creams in Helsinki are faaar cheaper than drinks and you can even get Beer in Tokyo Narita from souvenir shops but I failed to take full details... I will go back to Tokyo probably next year and keep notes but will also try and updates this with more discoveries as I make them!