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New Release... returnFuncToAsyncFunc

February 08, 2014 — Matt Forrester

Sometimes you have a function, that you're planning to use within something like async.waterfall but it's wrote to be synchronous and returns a value instead of using a callback. This function will accept that function, along with a context and return an asynchronous version of that function


var Ctx = function() {
    this.x = 123;

Ctx.prototype.doIt = function(a, b, c) {
    return { age: a, legs: b[2], name:};

var ctx = new Ctx();

var f = returnFuncToAsyncFunc(
    function(a, b, c) {
        return ctx.doIt(a, b, c);
f(99, [4,6,2], {name: 'matt'}, function(err, res) {
        "My name is " +,
        "I have " + res.legs + " legs",
        "and am " + res.age + " years old"
    ].join(' '));

The code is MIT licensed and is available at GitHub.