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A method of loading a basic library in AMD, Node.JS require(), jQuery and Javascript's

April 05, 2013 — Matt Forrester

plain old window namespace...

Using a combination of IIFE and Dependency Injection I have created a method of writing libraries that is compatible with jQuery, Node.js require(), Dojo AMD and plain old Javascript window. This is available via a public GitHub Gist

After creating this Gist I decided that I had either:

  • Re-implemented something that already existed, which would not be so helpful, but I did look around a lot before doing so.
  • Invented something really cool ( hoping, but not that likely as this seems like an obvious and easy piece of code to write ).

So I posted on StackOverflow to try and find out. It turns out that this approach is not really unique and the term I needed was "UMD" (Universal Module Definition). There is a project for collating these in a GitHub repository. I will go about reading the code from that Repository and will see if it is worth me contributing the code I created to that project.

Either way, I learnt a term, created some pretty good code (even if now not useful) and hopefully helped others by posting on StackOverflow, so in some ways that's pretty successful